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welcome to megan's fox island
Jack Sayaka, brazilian. I'm a big fan of megan fox and this tumblr is most dedicated to her and my other idols like michael jackson, lady gaga and i have a big passion for glee and and much more. please, don't copy anything from here. rebblog but don't repost.

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iadorefox asked: Thank you :)

You’re welcome :)

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Anonymous asked: onde você achou o vídeo de snl da Megan em tão boa qualidade?

Youtube, ué. UHAUHAUHAH Brincadeira luv. Mas sério, foi no youtube, é só procurar. Se você quiser que eu te passe o link sai do anonimo e eu passo numa boa em privado ♥

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iadorefox asked: Could you give me the videos for these gifs: /post/83490877645 and /post/83440714321? :)

Of course luv.

Here: 01 || 02

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I’m still allowed in ⇨ Trip to Disneyland (2014)

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